Hiking Route


The route begins in Txaporta after crossing the bridge over the Oka River, where we take the first road to the right after passing Antxosolo House.

Following the road as it ascends the hill, we come across Lurraska Farm-School. On the way up, we can make a stop at Mentzeta Tower House where we can enjoy a view of Oka Valley. Continuing on our way again, we pass by the 17th century Enbeita House from where we can take in a stunning panoramic view of Ajangiz meadow and of the Urdaibai estuary.

The route passes through pastures, pine groves and undergrowth, all rich in avian fauna, until we reach the crossroads in Okana, or Laubide. There we take the road to the left passing by the remains of Larruze Aurrekoa House which dates from the 16th-17th century. Around Eztilotza watermill, in the municipality of Mendata, we find one of the most interesting sceneries of Atlantic forest in the municipality. To the right, we can see tall pine groves, with undergrowth where oak, chestnut and maple trees grow.

Continuing along, we pass by the old Goikoerrota ironworks and watermill, until we come to the bottom of the valley, with its wide, flat and fertile meadows of the Berrekondo River. The route ends at the Maier plant.

Antzosolo route


The route begins at the Maier plant, from where we ascend, around Argana until we reach the district of Mendieta. This route offers the visitor a good perspective of the meadow of the Oka River, and of its pastures and new growth forests.

The centre of the district of Mendieta is a set of buildings composed of Ascension del Señor Church, Town Hall and the Herriko Tavern, all built by the same architect, Pedro de Belaunzaran in 1851. From the church we take the road towards Gernika until we reach Obieta. There, we begin the ascent to the summit of Burgogana (184 metros), the highest hill in the municipality to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the region.

Maier route

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